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Virus Removal

vms-handIf you work with computers long enough, you will eventually experience a virus, spyware, or malware attack. We can clean your computer and install the right software to properly protect it.

Your best defense against getting an infection is to keep your computer software updated;

  • Always run the weekly Windows updates. They usually come out every Tuesday night.
  • Keep your virus scanner updated and ensure your subscription does not expire. If you are running Windows 10/11 you can use the built-in Windows Security (located in Settings).
  • Make sure that your Windows Firewall is turned on. If you are using a program such as Norton Internet Security, it uses its own firewall in place of the Windows one.
  • Keep Adobe Reader up-to-date. Older versions have known security vulnerabilities.
  • Don’t click on links, attachments, etc. from unknown sources.

If you do get a virus, spyware, or malware Contact Us and we’ll clean your system and ensure you have adequate virus protection installed.