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Data Recovery

Opened hard drive

If your computer won’t boot, your flash drive is not working, or you accidentally deleted a critical file or folder, we have software tools that may be able to recover your data. We can evaluate most drives in 30 minutes and then advise you if we will be able to recover data, or it will require the services of a data recovery firm.

If your computer hard drive or portable hard drive is making unusual noises (clicking, grinding, revving, etc.) you need to have it checked as soon as possible! A failing hard drive can last for a few minutes or a few months. There is no way to predict when it will completely fail, so it is important to salvage the data as soon as you become aware of a problem.

Once a hard drive completely fails, it must be sent to a data recovery company. They have “clean rooms” where they can disassemble the drive and use special equipment to rebuild the drive and recover your data. This type of service is expensive ($800 or more depending on drive size and condition) but if the data is irreplaceable, it is the only option.

Capable Computers has partnered with Gillware, Inc., a data recovery firm to provide advanced data recovery options. We ship drives to Gillware for a free evaluation. You are only charged if they are able to recover your data AND you agree to the price of the recovery.